Art Club

Art Club 

Founded by Amberly Johnson in early 2023 with her small community of kids as a weekly meetup for creative time & friendship. She is a mother, aunt, friend, and arts & craft supply misfit magnet.

Our mission is to carve out time with our family of friends to create art and spread kindness to those in our community

The weekly meeting formula that works for us: Art Part & Park Part.   

Step One: 

Art Part is the artsy part. We have simple composition notebooks to fill with drawings & all manner of visual storytelling. String Art, Tiny Worlds, Stop Motion, and short films are some fun topics we have covered so far. 

It’s very freeform. Present a basic art prompt and invite the kids to just go with it-whatever interpretation is welcome.

Step Two: 

Park Part is running amuck at a playground or field


Doing our pART.

The overall goal is to bring art & kindness to our local community and help others in any small way possible. 

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